Friday, August 16, 2013

A Few More New Babies

Farmer in Odell has 4 new ducklings!

Born just in time to show them off at the crawl, they hatched on Thursday in our incubator.  Here is a picture of our Andrew holding 3 of them.  Sorry for the blurry one - it's hard to get 3 newborns to all stay still at once!

Farmer in Odell is also going to have a limited amount of kale and chard available for sale and we regret to say we will not have lemon balm tea.  The lemon balm isn't looking too good and we don't want to sell you poor tea.  The oregano is slowly taking over the yard and is crowding out the lemon balm.  That, coupled with the lack of rain over the past 3 weeks, has made it turn yellow.  Next spring we'll have to do some serious work on the herb garden!j

We're so excited about meeting you all tomorrow - drive safe and ENJOY your day on the farms!

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