Sunday, August 16, 2015

FREE tickets now available

You can get your free tickets for the Farm Crawl here! When you visit your first farm, trade in your ticket for a Passport, which you can get punched at each of the farms you visit. When you visit the fifth farm, leave it in a designated box, and you'll be entered to win a basket of goodies (like goat milk soap!) from all the farms!

Monday, July 27, 2015


For the past two years, Farmer in Odell has had chickens for sale.  Frozen chickens that we raised here on our farm.  We'd planned on also having some this year - it's even in the brochure telling people what they'll see and what's available at each farm this year.

Unfortunately, we tried a new feed for the first few weeks we had the chicks and they didn't grow much.  So we've made the decision to put off processing them for a couple of weeks to give them time to grow into decent dinner-sized birds, but that means they will not be ready for the Farm Crawl.

Here's the good news:  Antiquity Oaks is raising heritage Plymouth Rock chickens and they WILL be ready for sale at the Farm Crawl.  A whole bird will be $4.50/pound and a cut-up chicken will be $4.90.  If you're planning on buying any, be sure to bring a cooler with you!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New at M2A Farm: WeeDee Goats

Buddy, Ipana and Flashlight with Stick at the bottom of the picture.
 Joining the rest of the critter gang this year on M2A Farm is a very small herd of Spanish cashmere goats. Ipana, Buddy, and Stick arrived last fall, and Flashlight was born one night in late December. A few younger boys will become part of the group this spring. Their primary job is landscaping – clearing brush and weeds by eating them and fertilizing the soil as a by-product. As an added bonus, they have an undercoat of fine cashmere fibers. Yes, cashmere comes from goats!

Newborn Flashlight wearing a coat made from a sweatshirt sleeve.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mark your calendars for 2015 Farm Crawl!

Agnes the goat with her quintuplets at Antiquity Oaks
The dates have been set for the 2015 Farm Crawl. It will be held Saturday, August 22 and Sunday, August 23. The same five farms will once again be opening their gates to visitors for the weekend. Planning meetings are underway, and more details will be coming soon!

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