Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A virtual visit to Eden's Harvest

by Janet at Eden's Harvest Farm 

Along with everyone here in Central Illinois, we are coping with the high temperatures and drought. (I'll just look at this picture when it's 20 below this winter.)

Tom Turkey with 4 of his five hens. They provide turkey eggs that we sell to Chicago restaurants.

Our alpaca, Sugar, delivered a healthy cria (baby alpaca) on July 1st. Her name is Sweetie. On May 21 nineteen alpacas were sheared. There will be raw fleece for sale along with some rovings for spinning.

We are currently harvesting juicy peaches and sweet apples from our small family orchard. This past Saturday we canned peach jam and peach chutney.

Ricky Ricardo, our banty rooster with his hens, Princess and the brood. They are a delight to watch free ranging across the yard.

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